Staying Positive

Ever hear that phrase, "Stay positive?" Wondering what exactly that phrase meant, I decided to look it up. Here's the definition: "Staying positive means accepting the fact that you're in deep trouble and working towards a plausible solution rather than just sitting and crying over the fact that you're in deep trouble." It all started … Continue reading Staying Positive

It’s the same but different.

Even though Jessica lives in the group home, she comes home on the weekends, usually for two nights, sometimes one. Last Saturday, after I picked her up at the group home, she got in the car and as usual, asked, "Can we go shopping?" But something about the way she looked gave me a bad … Continue reading It’s the same but different.

Is everyone chasing normal?

I just read an interesting article on another blog I am following. It's, a children's rehabilitation hospital in Canada. I started reading the posts on this blog, one after the other. It felt like I had landed in familiar territory. These were MY people. But let me return to the article.  The author was discussing … Continue reading Is everyone chasing normal?