My little lightbulb

I usually take Jessica to go and see my 95-year-old mother at her assisted living residence, but this past Sunday she started saying she didn’t want to.

“Come on, it will be fun,” I told her.

They were having a celebration for Grandparents Day with the Disney princesses. I was supposed to take both Jessica and my granddaughter, Mina but Jessica was adamant. She carried on about it for so long, I  decided not to push. See, she hates getting near characters dressed in costumes, even if it’s a princess. When she was younger, she used to scream if they got near her. Now she just retreats. Last time a person in a costume came up to her, she ran into the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. She’s terrified of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and all the rest of them. So on Sunday, I left Jessica with her sister, Mina’s mom.

Once we got there, I don’t know who had more fun. Was it Mina or the people she interacted with? This would have been a totally different experience if Jessica had come. Mina lit up the place like a lightbulb, racing over and hugging Grandma Becky, calling out to everyone we passed. She rushed around trying to hug every princess she met. Here they are.

Little lightbulb
Snow White and Mina!

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