My “Alarm Clock” Daughter

Jessica was in the WOW fashion show last year. She was so proud!

It’s 6 am on Saturday morning. The phone is ringing. It’s the ring I set up for Jessica. For a second, I’m sorry I ever taught her how to use the phone. On the other hand, I’m so happy that she finally learned how. I grab it on the third ring before it wakes up Chip. He’s snoring beside me. “Hello?” I answer.

“MuhMee, I sorry.” She realizes I was asleep, but she wants to know when I am coming to pick her up at the Group home.  She can’t tell time, so she doesn’t know I won’t be there for seven more hours. “Bye.” The line goes dead. A minute later, the phone rings again. I forgot to put it on silent. She leaves me fifteen voicemails.


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